Party MENU


Party menu Kabocha ($30.00+Tax+Tips)

– Party menu is available from 4 persons
– Party menu must apply to the whole table
– Customer must make a reservation before 2 days from the reservation date
– Please call to confirm the reservation date and the number of people before 2 days from the reservation date
– Customer can arrange the number of people that reservation date. But you need to talk to chef
– There is 7 choices from Entreesx3, Sahimi x1 Fritures/Grillades x 1 Rice/Nouilles x2
If the customer wants to order food with red color, the price going to be 9 choices $38.00 +Tax+Tips

Entrees/salad x3(4)
Edamame Tako wasa
GyuTataki Sashimi salad
Daikonsalad Kimchi Salad
Baby octopus salad Yasai Cheese

Sashimi x 1
4 kind chef’s choice
6 kind chef’s choice

Fritures/ Grillades x1(2)
Karaage  Macha spare Rib’s  Spicy chicken
Miso katu cheese  Miso salmon

Rice/ Nouilles x2
Chashu Don  Yakiniku Don
Yakisoba(Chili shrimp/Seafood/ VEGI)
Today Box style sushi or Temari sushi



All you can drink menu (2 hours) $30(Tax+Tip)

– All you can drink must apply to the whole table.
– All you can drink menu have to be sets with Party food menu.
– All you can drink menu are able to drink in 2 hours from the list below
– Customer has to reserve before 2 days from the reservation date.
– Each people are allowed 1 drink at the time
– Customer can reorder new drink when his or her glass is done.
– Last drink order is before 15 minutes
– The Customer is not necessary to finish up last drink during 2 hours.

Beer(Sapporo or Blanche de Sleeman)
Glass of Sake (Cold or Hot)
Shochu (Barley)
Wine (White or Red)
Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Grape fruit juice,
Orange juice, Limonade, Green Tea